A quick note

Just a quick hello to those of you dropping in to see this brand-spankin’-new blog. I wish there was more content to offer you right off the bat (maybe I shouldn’t have just jumped right in?), but if you stick with me, it’ll keep me motivated to post and improve often. I could toss a bunch of stuff up overnight, but you don’t want to read shoddy posts any more that I want to write them! My current goal is two recipes and one “article” a week. I’ll try to tie them all together, but I make no promises.

You’ll notice a page for “The Basics” in the menu. If there are any techniques or basics that you’d like covered which aren’t already listed, please leave a comment or shoot me an email: veganvirtuoso(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll do what I can.

Regardless of where you came here from, I hope you take some time to visit Cobi at her blog “Veggietorials”. She’s been a huge inspiration and a fantastic interwebz-friend, and just made an absolutely brilliant and totally adorable video of my Sticky Buns recipe (yes, I’ll toss you Cobi’s direction by hook or by crook!).

Thanks again for reading — I hope to see you here often!

Much veggie love,
Chanelle (V.V.)


4 thoughts on “A quick note

  1. I visited Cobi and you are right! The video is hilarious πŸ™‚ Almost tricked me into baking them myself though I know I have no baker’s bone in my body for anything as advanced as this. Will be dreaming of healthy vegan sticky buns for a while.

    <3, Nasyitah

    • Let’s see if I can remember… “If I can learn to do it, You can learn to do it! Just put our heads together, and we’ll pull through it!” Or something like that. Best Meg Ryan movie ever πŸ˜€ Point is, it only *looks* complicated!

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