I’m a full time mom and a food junkie. Our family is owned by two rescued cats who kindly allow us to live in their house and feed them.

I was inspired to go plant-based by two people: Rhiannon, who proved to me that the health concerns of a plant-based diet are nothing to worry about. She managed a vegan diet while pregnant with identical twin girls (!!). And Chris, whose work with PETA is amazing, as is his willingness to eat anything vegan put in front of him β€” an absolute joy to a compulsive baker.

I wanted to share some great vegan recipes and awesome products with you, as well as my rambles.

Come along for an interesting ride — I’ll take you through some cooking basics and beginning vegan pitfalls. I hope to cover a lot of ground and learn more in the process.

As a general disclaimer, none of the information I give in the blog is to be taken as a substitute for the opinion of a trained professional — be it medical, nutrition, or otherwise.

Any time I use the word “butter” or “milk” in a recipe, understand that I mean a plant-based product. It’s up to you to gather vegan ingredients, though I’m happy to offer suggestions about my favorite brands.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello my vegan friend! Vegan I am not but I too am a food junkie and try to be as healthy as possible. Will definitely be trying out some of your recipes πŸ™‚ The latest choc chip one looks absolutely delish! Icing on the cake for me is it does not require an electric mixer. I gave mine away when I moved from Singapore to Jakarta.

    Thanks for coming by my space so I get to about yours.

    Have a yummy year ahead!

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