Carol is causing trouble again over at Coffee, Clutter and Chaos, making my sweet treats healthier (and not quite vegan — but I’ll let it slide). ¬†She converted my Chocolate Death Puddingcake into a diabetic and Weight-Watcher friendly recipe. Use coconut oil or vegan margarine such as Earth Balance (did you know they have a soy-free option??) in place of butter and rice milk instead of 1% cow’s milk, and the points and conversions should be similar.

I’m sorry I have nothing new to give you guys this week, since our household has been suffering from some sort of Yuck. I hope to be back in the kitchen cooking up evil by early next week at the latest! Thanks for being patient.

If you have any recipe requests… types of food you like, maybe for some more sweets or savories, leave it in the comments below. I’m always up for a challenge!



Healthy(er) Cookies?

Remember those Chocolate Chip Cookies I posted a couple weeks ago?

Well, my friend Carol over at Coffee, Clutter and Chaos (not vegan, but she’s adventurous) re-vamped them a little to be diabetic- and Weight-Watcher-friendly (not my strong suit!). She did use cow’s milk in the recipe as she made it, but you can substitute rice milk in place of 1% or skim with close-to or same results.

So, if you’re looking for a nice vegan treat with no sin attached, head over and check it out!

~ V.V.